Vinyl art is the best way to start a small business. Roland vinyl cutters require very little start up capital, thus enabling anyone to become financially independent. With this amazing device you are able to cut out any colour vinyl into any form or shape to produce creative art. Vinyl is used in almost all signage and is easily available. The machines are easy to use and you are given training on installation, as well as full telephonic backup and support. In no time at all you will be producing vinyl cut designs for all purposes. Roland vinyl cutters enable you to produce sandblasting glassware and tombstones, vinyl cut signage, vehicle signs, as well as heat transfers for t-shirts. The possibilties of a vinyl cutter are huge. Roland has a wide range to suit everyone’s needs. Ranging from the Stika machines up to the legendary Camm-1 pro series.

5 thoughts on “Vinyl Art

  1. wesley

    hi guys, im realy intrested in the t shirt design machine, can i get more info about it please

  2. Hi, I need a vinyl cutter , possibly looking at a width of 800mm at least or maybe plain vinyl, no print neccessary. What do you have, and what are the costs, new or second hand?

  3. Judith

    Hi, I am looking for a vinyl cutter, I want to start a vinyl wall decal business in Namibia.

    Must be about 1200mm width…

  4. honest

    hey guyz i wana know the price am intrested.. i need a 1.3mm cutter

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