Rolands latest UV machine is the LEJ-640. This machine has the capability of printing direct to almost any substrate. The specs on the machine are as follows :

Print width 1615mm, loadable material is 1625mm, The maximum thickness the machine can print onto is 13mm, the maximum weight of the material can be 12KGs! print speed of upto 13sqm/h it is a CMYKWG configuration. The UV lamps are LED giving the life expectancy of upto 10000 hours.

The machine is a unqiue device as it can be turned from a flat bed into a roll feed machine, this is why it is called a hybrid. The ECO-UV ink allows the machine to be able to print onto almost any substrate from pvc sheets, correx, komaprint, wood, perspex, xanita board to aluminium sheeting. This gives it a huge advantage as it does away with the need to have 3 or 4 processes in a shop. The machine allows direct printing so no need for vinyl and application to the vinyl saving you time, money and labour. The printer has has the ability to print white and gloss, giving it an extra edge to the every demanding signage market but providing exactly what the packaging and POP markets need. The low heat UV lamps allow perfect printing onto heat sensitive materials. the applications for the machine include :

Realistic packaging protoyping, pre-press device, control panel printing, banners, correx boards, estate agent boards, POP displays and perspex displays.

The need for direct to substrate printing will increase as more companies move away from the hassels of applying vinyls and costly labour. This machine is the future of printing right now.

download a brochure for more info, and be sure to call for any questions you may have.

watch a video of the machine here!

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