*Still contemplating opening a print shop? See this wikiHow article on starting a print business.

With the commercial world becoming more and more competitive each year, printing companies are thriving! Branding and advertising campaigns are only as effective as the ways in which they are displayed to the general public – be it on vinyl, Banner, polyester, canvas or paper. With the right printing equipment, offering your new print shop near endless printing capabilities, you’re sure to shine in the branding and advertising marketplace. Here’s the short and the long answer to what printing equipment your new printing shop needs:

  • A powerful computer to run your printing programs
  • Graphic design software to offer added services
  • Printers that will print your posters, business cards, etc.
  • The consumables (cardboard, vinyl sheeting, etc) you’ll need
  • Cutting equipment so you don’t have to use scissors
  • A coffee machine to keep you and your team going

Setting Up a Printing Business? Here’s the Equipment You’ll Need:

1. Powerful Computer

You’ll need a desktop computer or reliable laptop that can efficiently run the programs required to operate your printers. If you’re going to be the type of print shop that offers creative services, like logo design or image finishing, you’ll need a PC with a display adaptor (graphics card).

Looking to get a well-balanced print shop computer that won’t break the bank? Here’s a configuration you could look into:

  • MSI Z370 PRO DDR4  LGA 1151 USB3.1 GEN 2 Intel 8th Gen Gaming Motherboard
  • MSI GEFORCE GT 1030 2GB OC EDITION DirectX12 Graphics Card
  • 8GB DDR4 2666MHz High Performance Gaming RAM with Heat Spreader
  • 480GB SSD Up to 500MB/s + Speed Ultra-Fast Solid State Drive (OS DRIVE)
  • 500W 80+ High Performance Power Supply
  • 4x 120mm White LED Fans
  • Integrated 8 CH High Defination Sound Card
  • LCD and OS Optional
  • 24 Months Warranty

*See the above computer rig here

2. Design Software

As mentioned above, your print shop might want to offer added services like graphic design. To do this, you’ll need to load your PC with powerful design programs like CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. However, one does not always have to go the paid route.

Online, browser-based design apps are taking the world by storm – offering free access to basic design capabilities. Inkscape and Canva are these, and have a vast collection of free stock photos, vectors, and stunning editable templates for most things clients will be looking for.

3. Printers

This is a tough one to answer in one go. The number and types of printers you’ll need for a new print shop will depend on two things:

– What capabilities do you want your print shop’s printers to have?

– How much (and how fast) will you need to be printing on your busiest day?

If your shop is in Nerensbelangrik, Northern Cape – you could probably get away with something on the smaller scale. However, if you’re hoping that your printing shop will thrive, it’s probably a good idea to prepare for that – with high-capacity printers like these:

HP Laserjet Multifunction Printer M281 FDW

This is an ideal document printer for your print store. An easy-to-use touch pad allows you to action crystal clear paper document printing at high speeds for a demanding environment. Think CVs, leterheads, company profiles, etc.

*See the printer specs here

Roland BN-20

Wanting to start small on the digital printing side of things? The Roland BN-20 is a printer/cutter that sits on your desk. Capable of printing stunning, durable graphics for use indoors and out – from the comfort of your office chair. Think door and window vinyls, stickers, etc.

*See the printer specs here

Roland SG-540

This is the big brother of the BN-20. You can’t put the SG-540 atop your desk, but you can print and cut at lightening speed and at widths of between 30″ and 54″. Think vehicle wraps, outdoor banners, etc.

*See the printer specs here

4. Consumables

Once you’ve sorted out your printers and the computer(s) you’ll be operating them from, the next thing you’ll want to do is stock up on printing consumables. These are things like printer inks, rolls of paper, vinyl sheeting, adhesives, etc. All available from Digizoo, Maizey plastics, Seldenrod and other local suppliers.

5. Cutting Equipment

If you decide not to invest in the convenience of a printing/cutting combo printer (like the Roland SG-540), you’ll need to manually cut your prints. You could hire a team of minions with scissors, or you could invest in cutting machines like the Roland GS-24 Desktop Cutter and save yourself much time and effort. A great large-format cutter would be the Roland CAMM 1-GR.

6. Coffee Machine

Finally, if you’re planning on growing your enterprise to its fullest potential, you’ll need something that’ll keep you going through last-minute printing runs into the wee hours of the morning. Go old-school drip style with the Russel Hobbs Apollo or get your fancy coffee fix with the Philips 3100 Series Auto Espresso. Trust us, your minions will thank you for it!